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Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are hung from eaves to provide privacy or shade. We craft our outdoor blinds with materials such as polished reed, cattail, clover substitute, and Tianjin reed.

Price (for reference): Approx. 8,000 yen 
Dimensions: W 955 mm ×L 1,600 mm Cattail
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Indoor Blinds

Indoor blinds were first created in Kyoto in the mid-Meiji period. Different from misu, which are primarily used in temples and shrines, indoor blinds are made with rounded strips of natural bamboo. Indoor blinds can be hung in front of windows to provide shade and privacy indoors. They are also used as room dividers in place of sliding screens during the summer months. In addition to offering excellent ventilation, these blinds are popular in interior design for infusing the room with a sense of coolness.

Price (for reference): Approx. 55,000 yen 
Dimensions: W 955 mm ×L 1,730 mm
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Tearoom Blinds

Tearoom Blinds are used in Japanese tearooms to adjust the amount of natural light in the room and create atmosphere. They also provide a sense of coolness. Tearoom blinds hung outdoors are made with reeds still encased in their outer sheaths, whereas blinds hung indoors are made with unsheathed and polished reeds. Depending on customer specifications, we sometimes add a hemp textile edge to these blinds.

Price (for reference): Approx. 10,000 yen 
Size: W 1,000 mm × L 700 mm
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Misu Blinds

Misu blinds are made with bamboo strips dyed yellow. The edges of these blinds are covered in a colorful textile made of hemp or silk. These blinds are primarily used in temples, shrines, religious festival floats, and Buddhist altars in the home.

Price (for reference): Approx. 72,000 yen 
Size: W 1,820 mm× L 1,820 mm
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Partitioning Screens,Folding Screens,Reed Sliding Doors

We make partitioning screens, folding screens, and sliding doors inlaid with bamboo or reed screens. These are primarily used in summer. In Tokyo, it is common for the reeds to be inserted horizontally, but Kyoto makers such as ourselves insert the reeds vertically. Partitioning screens and folding screens not only provide privacy, but also add a wonderful interior design element to any space.※Please contact us with information about desired dimensions, design, etc.

Partitioning Screens

Small Partitioning Screen 94,000 yen
Materials: Wooden frame, cattail reed
W (including stands) 830 mm × L 925 mm

Folding Screen

2-Panel Folding Screen 275,000 yen
Materials: Redwood frame, reed
W 879 mm × H 1,636 mm

Reed Sliding Door

Standard Reed Sliding Door 203,500 yen
Materials: Redwood frame, reed

Woven Rattan Mat,Straight Rattan Mat,Rush Rope Curtain

Rattan is a member of the palm family and grows naturally the tropical forests of Indonesia and Vietnam. A completely natural material, it is remarkably durable and works in both Western and Japanese interior designs. Rattan is hollow and does not absorb heat, so it feels pleasantly cool to the touch in hot summer months. Rush rope curtains are perfect for doorways people frequently enter and exit through and for places where you want to create extra privacy. The ropes are held together by bamboo at the top.※ We make these products according to customer size specifications.

Woven Rattan Mat

2mm Width 184,000 yen (per 1 jō size [approx. 1.82 sqm])
2.5mm Width 92,400 yen (per 1 jō size [approx. 1.82 sqm])

Straight Rattan Mat

24,642 yen (per 1 sqm)

Rush Rope Curtain

(Cost for Reference) 35,420 yen
Width 900mm Height 1,500mm

Regarding Repairs

Our blinds are not meant to last forever. Outdoor blinds can be used for five to ten years, and indoor blinds can be used for over thirty years. It is possible to replace frayed or damaged textile edges on indoor blinds and misu. Hardware for hanging the blinds can also be replaced. For questions about other kinds of repairs, please contact us.

※ Certain repairs may not be possible.
Repair Price (indoor blinds, for reference)
Textile Edge Replacement
14,300 yen (mixed weave textile)
18,700 yen (pure silk or pure hemp textile)

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