How long does production take?
We generally require around two weeks to one month. This may change depending on the order and the time the order is placed (we get the most orders between June and September), so please be in touch.
Can non-specialists order these blinds? Will you take small orders? Is it possible to order only one blind?
Yes, we accept orders from anyone, starting at orders of one blind. We accept orders from individuals, construction companies, restaurants, hotels, and more.
Do you offer repairs?
We do offer repairs, but there may be times when a blind has deteriorated beyond repair. For repair orders, we determine whether a repair is possible after we have seen the blind.
Can you come do measurements in person?
For an additional fee (measurement fee and transportation), we can visit to conduct measurements in person.
Can you make blinds of any size?
With regards to blind width, we are limited by the length of the materials we use. Please contact us with more details.


Do you have parking?
Unfortunately, we do not have parking space at our shop. Please park your car at a nearby paid parking lot.


What are the payment options you accept?
We accept payments at our shop or via bank transfers. We do not accept credit cards.
Is payment required in advance?
Generally, we enclose a receipt along with your order, so you pay after you have received your items. For orders above 100,000 yen, we require half paid in advance.


Mold has started to grow on the cattail. What can I do?
It isn’t possible to remove mold once it has started to grow, so we recommend that you flip the screen to the other side. Cattail absorbs moisture, so to prevent mold growth, we recommend that you take cattail blinds indoors when it rains. If desired, we can treat cattail blinds with water resistant spray that lasts for 2 to 3 months.

Online Consultation

How do you conduct online consultations?
At Kubota Birendō, we use Zoom, but if you prefer a different method, please let us know. For consultations over Zoom, we will send a URL link that allows you to join the meeting without logging in, creating an account, or downloading any software.

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