Free-Standing Screens, Folding Screens, Sliding Doors, etc.
Free-Standing Screen 
yFrame: Shioji Woodz              
Width 780mm ~ Height 920mm = 72,000JPY (Without tax) 

Free-standing screens, folding
screens, and sliding doors are
made from reed or bamboo. They are used to separate rooms and create a sense of privacy.

Folding Screen
yFrameFAmerican Cedarz
1 Frame Width 485mm ~ Height 1,454mm ~ 6 frames
= 160,000JPYiWithout taxj`
Japanese red cedar frames are available as well.

Sliding Doors (basic model without lower wooden paneling)
yFrameFAmerican Cedarz
1 sliding door 110,000JPY
iWithout taxj`
Slinding Doors (basic model without lower wooden paneling)
 yFrameFJapanese Yoshino Cedarz
 1 sliding door = 170,000JPY
iWithout taxj`